Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Eat'z 19

Had dinner with the husband at this particular restaurant, Eat'z 19, located opposite Shaw Towers, at a corner, right beside the few stalls of the famous steamboat/hotpots. The ambience was cosy, though I felt that the lighting was a little too dim. But the waitress was friendly, and even though we were the only customers in the shop at about 7:30 pm, it didn't feel awkward.

We ordered a starter and their set dinner, which costs $15.80. It includes a soup, main course, drink (coffee or tea, hot/chilled), and ice-cream for dessert.

Our starter course was Bruschetta, a recommendation from the waitress. It is crispy french toast topped with minced beef and sauce, and tomatoes and cheese.

The minced beef was soft, and the sauce had a slight tangy spiciness to it. There seemed to be like a mediterranean or middle-east style to it, not that I'm an expert in that area, but it's certainly not your typical western food.

It was creamy chicken soup that day, and it was good, with many big chunks of chicken, and a toasted hot and crispy garlic bread. If only it was not so peppery. I'm not a spicy-food person... so after a while, the heat of the pepper got to me and I passed the remaining soup to the husband.

For the main course, I ordered the Chicken Parmesan with Asian Herbs, which the waitress mentioned that we had to wait 25 minutes for it coz of the baking time. I had two bites from it and had to exchange with the husband coz it was again, too spicy to my liking. I didn't think it had chilli or anything in the sauce, but rather, from the herbs that they use.

The husband ordered fish and chips. I once heard it was a kind of "safe bet" dish to order if everything else on the menu looks alien to you.

Anyway, this fish and chips was excellent. We both liked it. It was not the normal kind which was deep-fried til you could feel the oil oozing out as you bit into it. No, not this fish and chips. Although not as crispy, it was special, maybe becoz of the batter used. The fish was still soft and juicy inside. And I loved the tartare sauce. Lemongrass was added to it to give it an extraordinary taste to normal fish and chips.

The dessert was vanilla ice-cream with sauce which at first I thought was caramel. But after tasting it, it tasted more like melted coconut sauce instead. Special!

The husband and I decided that we most likely might visit the place again, to try the other dishes, or maybe from the ala carte menu too. It was a great dining experience, with food of a different flavour and new tastes. The service was wonderful too.

Oh, by the way, the place is Halal certified... which means it can be listed as a place for our next IT peeps gathering! Yeah!


Anonymous January 25, 2008 at 12:35 AM  

the fish and chips was supposed to be mine!! >.<

anyway, i think eatz19 is really worth giving a try for those people who read this blog.. :P quite value for money.. for guys who wanna bring gals out but afraid to cost a bomb, i think the set dinner menu is quite affordable @ $15.80 nett (cash only) which included a soup, main course, dessert, tea/coffee. not forgetting quite good service too. =)

Anonymous January 25, 2008 at 7:14 PM  

oooolala~~~~ orites then! this is the next makan gathering place! haha.. looks delicious~~

Anonymous January 28, 2008 at 2:55 PM  

Hmmm, near Shaw Centre, my working place =)

Will go with my cha-bo-lang one day. (Why is the place actually?)

Anonymous January 29, 2008 at 10:00 AM  


Anonymous January 30, 2008 at 9:48 PM  

ya... so u organiser?? heh.

old beng...
eh... i think Shaw Towers not same as Shaw Centre leh. one at Beach road, one in Orchard. u dun go Orchard there look look, then fr day til nite forever cannot find one, den scold me ah... heh.

anyway, the address is : Creative House #01-01, 95 Beach Road. (if fr the main entrance of Shaw Towers, can see it opp the road liao)

pple go restaurant to eat the food leh, not see whether waitress cute or not... YOU WOLF!!!

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